Whenever I meet children I always have a good chat…

Whenever I meet children I always have a good chat to them to find out who they are and what they’re interested in. It’s important not to talk at children but to allow them to converse.

If we pause during our conversations it allows the child to learn that the pause is there because that’s when we expect them to respond. They soon learn how a real conversation works.

Talk, pause, listen, respond, repeat.

But during my conversation with children, they often tell me that they’d like to be an author one day too. And you know what I tell them. I tell them that they can be, in fact you can be whatever you wish.

People said I could not just ‘become’ an author. You can’t just become a writer they said, you can’t just say you want to be a principal then be one! It’s arrogant. Is it? It is arrogant to have a dream, a path, a desire?

No it isn’t and YES YOU CAN. If you can imagine it, you can be it, you can do it, you can get there.

But you need resilience, there will big pitfalls, naysayers, haters, moments of self doubt. But……..

“If you fall down 7 times, just make sure that you get up 8, and don’t change yourself for anyone. The one thing you’re the best at is being YOU.

Tell them you believe in them.

That’s all our children need to know.


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