What Montessori was able to do was to make learnin…

What Montessori was able to do was to make learning a tactile experience where you can feel and touch each part of the curriculum.

Today as we learned about the ‘types of angles’ the children didn’t need to fill in a worksheet, there was no text book to complete.

But there were what we call the ‘angle sticks’. Which come with a cork board. The children physically manipulate the sticks to create the Angles. Feeling the rotation as they turn it, pinpointing the axis and estimating degrees before they even measure them.

The children worked as teams, they discussed, corrected, rectified, they laughed, they felt and their final product was a thing. It was something real. Not a piece of paper or a prescribed text book.
They had to make it, they felt proud!

Lessons should be a journey of discovery that excite the senses. And that’s what makes the Montessori philosophy so unique.

If you’d like to know more then please say so!

Have a great day. ❤️

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