Montessori’s sentence analysis materials are the g…

Montessori’s sentence analysis materials are the greatest invention of the 20th century.

Simply make the symbols from card. Lay them out on the floor. Explain what each of the symbols means and allow the class to generate a list as long as they wish.

And from that point you can do hundreds of things with them.

1. Make sentences.

2. Turn your words into stories.

3. Label the things around the room.

4. Rearrange the symbols the generate new phrases.

5. Turn them into poetry.

6. Find words that rhyme.

7. Make a pile of synonyms.

8. Make connections between words.

9. Put them in alphabetical order.

The list goes on and once you get it going the children will never want to stop. And the funny thing is……

You’re teaching the children Grammar.


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