What’s the absolute BEST way to improve your teach…

What’s the absolute BEST way to improve your teaching and your children’s future without having to do something so drastic?

It’s not so much as how you teach, but what you assess your children on during the “independent task” part of the lesson that, matters the most.

You see, retention of information is great, but if you’re only asking children to remember, then this is not setting them up for the world we live in. We don’t really need to remember so much, it’s all available in one click.

What we do need to do is design lessons that allow teachers to assess our students on competences, that will help them thrive in the 21st century such as;

Social intelligence
Emotional intelligence
Time management
Interpersonal skills
Conflict management/compromising
Decision making
Critical thinking

If we design lessons that assess these competences, our children are far more likely to be able to help fix the problems the world is yet to encounter, let alone the ones we already have.

Don’t forget to also tell your students the three rules of school.

1. Work hard.
2. Have fun
3. Be a nice person

Let’s move forward together and help shape leaders of the future, we can actually count on.

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