This picture shows a group of children receiving t…

This picture shows a group of children receiving their first ever book!

As human beings, we are always working towards the ultimate goal of feeling happy. Adults often mask other emotions to project a sense of false happiness, but children are a different story.

A child’s emotional state is written on their face, it’s in their eyes, their body language and the tone of their voice and as teachers we not only recognise this, but we also want to empower our children to feel happy as much as possible.

The question is: what is happiness and how to teach it?

The foundation for any teacher wanting to establish the foundations for happiness in their students, is to understand that what we have is already enough. “To be content with what you have.”

Allowing children to see that there are always people with less than themselves, enables our students to feel lucky to have the simple things such as health, family, shelter, food and love, (this can be taught directly through human fundamental needs)

Then introduce “Philanthropy hour” once per week which allows them to use ‘what that have’ to help others. (People, animals, the environment.) it doesn’t matter.

True happiness can only be achieved When we help somebody who can never help us back.

Try ‘philanthropy hour’ today ❤️

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