8 reasons teaching is the best jobIn the 15th ce…

8 reasons teaching is the best job

In the 15th century, to be a teacher was a role that the community and greater society held in the highest of regards. Oh to be a teacher!

The people respected you for your knowledge and understood that your job for the take the community along with you on a journey that would see all prosper.

Today with the red tape, paperwork and restrictions, it seems that teachers are under so much pressure that not only are they leaving the profession at a rate that’s scary, but the passion for teaching can be lost.

Here are the 8 reasons why teaching is and always will be the greatest job in the world.

1. You get to change the world, one child at a time.

2. You can feel assured that you are working for the greater good. Not some corporate firm making profits, but for the future of humanity.

3. Children are so pure and fantastic, that every moment with them is a moment of joy.

4. There are lots of smiles around and laughter. Teaching can be fun for everyone.

5. You get to have playtime each day! Who can say that?

6. You can assist parents with the development of their child at home.

7. You get amazing school holidays!

8. You are a beacon of light, you are hope and you are a safe and secure place for children to come.


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