What is the “Sports Leadership Initiative?”

1 year ago I had a vision.

A vision to break down the barriers between primary and secondary school.

A vision to allow essential skills like leadership, compassion and empathy grow naturally.

A vision to build a sense of community, belonging and value among our students.

A vision to enable our students to learn from each other.

I approached several school leaders with my concept of “The Sports Leadership initiative,” most of which I didn’t hear back from.

Then I got a lovely call from Chris Browne from St Paul’s Catholic College, who invited me for a cup of tea and that’s when the magic happened:

Over the past ten weeks, these young leaders have devised, developed and delivered the sports curriculum for our primary students.

They have shown maturity, dedication and compassion for your younger children and I only hope that other schools may wish to replicate our “Sports Leadership Initiative” which has been a huge success.

Let’s have faith in our students ability to lead, let’s engage our community and let’s build bridges that our future leaders will walk, as they move into a world that requires 21st venture skills more than ever.

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