Did you know that 9 out of 10 primary teachers are women?

It was a hot dusty day in Bangalore, India. 100 Muslim ladies attended a 3 day workshop on “Innovations in Education.”

We talked about parenting, montessori approach, classroom setup, creative writing and curriculum preparation. It was truly amazing.

The ladies who attended had a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to design, develop and deliver a very high standard of education for those fortunate to be in their class, but there was something. Something that worried me and still does to this day.

They, like many teachers around the world had a sense that they were never right, never good enough and never working hard enough.

Without primary teachers, there are no other professions, for this is the first phase of every child’s educational journey.

Isn’t it time we started valuing, respecting and appreciating the good work teachers do? They are professionals, experts in their field and should be held in high regard like a doctor, brain surgeon or lawyer.

The Role requires them to be councillors, parents, friends, doctors, psychologists, managers, guidance experts, mentors, role models, life coaches and teachers.

Let’s say thanks.

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