We Are Never Too Old To Learn Soft Skills.

2 years ago he wrote to me on Facebook inviting me to give some training in his Centre in Kathmandu.

3 schools, 1 library, 2 training centres and about 10,000 bowls of Dahl later, I now know him as family. He gives his time, his resources and his passion towards changing education for the people in his country.

I’ve become so fond of him over the last 2 years that I Hope when I’m 90 years old I can still drink tea with him, eat Dahl and laugh at some of the funny things he says.

People think I’ve helped him because they assume I’m rich because I’m white.

Let me clear two things up.

1. If anything he has helped me way more than I could ever help him. He’s helped me see a new perspective of life, the world and find a real purpose. He’s introduced me to his family and friends and I am truly grateful.

2. He has never ever asked me for any money what so ever and if I even try to give him some he tells me “No, you are my guest.” He’s taught me acceptance, compassion, empathy, selflessness and hope.

All the skills I want my students to learn.

As I say goodbye to Nepal again I will miss the wonderful ANAND DEVKOTA greatly.

Be safe brother ❤️

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  1. Omowunmi Adesoye
    1 year ago

    Indeed never too old to learn! Almost feels like I’m the one leaving Nepal. Lol

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