15 ways to raise responsible children.

15 ways to raise responsible children.

1. Raise your child with the expectation that we always clean up our own messes.

2. Kids need an opportunity to contribute to the common good.

3. Remember that no child in his right mind wants to do chores. Make it fun.

4. Always let children “do it myself” and “help,” even when it’s more work for you.

5. Rather than simply giving orders, try asking your child to do the thinking.

6. Provide routines and structure.

7. Teach your child to be responsible for her interactions with others.

8. Support your child to help pay for damaged goods.

9. Don’t rush to bail your child out of a difficult situation.

10. Model responsibility and accountability.

11. Never label your child as “irresponsible”

12. Teach your child to make a written schedule

13. All Children need the experience of working for pay.

14. Create a “no-blame household.”

15. Teach your kids that, as Eleanor Roosevelt said, they not only have the right to be an individual, they have an obligation to be one

You’ve got this!!!

Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Elizabeta Mladenovska
    1 year ago

    Number 5
    Rather than simply giving orders, try asking your child to do the thinking!
    I appreciate the How To Do instead of What To Do;
    The CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) tool is awarding;
    The “Predictive Index” employed in Tendencies vs Expectations leads a long way in teaching/learning process

    P.S. My website needs improvement! Working on it!

    • Saulat
      1 year ago

      I like that allow the children to do their selves and just help them.this is very fruitful

  2. Kazi Tauseef
    1 year ago

    my favourite is #10

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