This week I was talking to some students about the…

This week I was talking to some students about their future ambitions in life. I asked several of the children what they’d like to be when they grew up.

Lots of the boys had the stereotypical answers, pilot, football player, doctor, scientist.

The girls said things like nurse, dentist, vet, and then one girl said “Teacher.”

I stopped and asked her why she’d like to be s teacher.

She replied “Because you’re always smiling and when you’re teaching a lesson you’re so happy.”

From the conversation I took two things. The stereotypes of what jobs we should aim for we still there in our children and that the girl was right. Teaching is the happiest job you can have. Changing the future of the world one lesson at a time. Why wouldn’t we be happy?

More children, especially boys need to realise the prestigious role that teachers have. It truly is a great profession and I am willing to come to your school, your high school, your university and stand there in front of your students and tell them why they should go into teaching!

Invite me and I will come!!! ❤️

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