Curriculums are designed to allow governments to s…

Curriculums are designed to allow governments to see the content of what you are teaching and the assessment linked to those lessons.

But there’s so much going on in the average classroom that is not tangible, you can’t assess it using numbers or scores but these happenings are the most important part of the curriculum for our children and are what will define our students as they leave.

One of these hidden curriculum items is leadership. How can teachers inspire leadership in our students and what are the impacts upon the school.

Here’s 4 ways you can encourage leadership.

1. Allow students time to show or read their work. It inspires others to want to take the limelight.

2. An extension task for fast finishers should be to assist another in the room who may need help. It encourages collaborative learning.

3. Encourage the children the make their own clubs in school, book club, art club, chess club etc. it’s helps the children define what it means to have similar interests.

4. Find each child’s specialty field and give them a real job in the class. Such as librarian, computer technician, Wordsworth, fraction master, it allows them to feel special in their chosen field and gives them opportunity to assists others

Enjoy ❤️

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