One of the biggest questions you’ll face as a teac…

One of the biggest questions you’ll face as a teacher is “Why are we bothering to learn this? Especially when it comes to teaching fractions!

The obvious and technical answer is that they help us to divide things like time, money, they affect decision making in real life and ultimately are very useful.

I like to explain my teaching like this.

“Everything we do in the classroom is like a dot. A dot on a giant piece of pater. Sometimes these dots connect to form a line. For example fractions and division are clearly linked so they would form a line, but division can also be useful when discussing how Roman armies would decide who went into battle first, Roman history is clearly linked to 21st century town planning and architecture and so on and so on.”

I then go on to tell them that as they find out who they are and what their destiny is, we need to make these connections and draw these lines.

Eventually the lines will all connect to make a huge picture.

That picture is who you will be and what you will do.

If I miss out just one dot on your picture them maybe your picture won’t be so clear!!!

Be creative people, move forward, run with it and teach what you love ❤️

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