Life is precious. Hold it with both hands, love li…

Life is precious. Hold it with both hands, love like you'll never love again, run in the rain, live your dreams while you still can and tell the people you care about how much they mean to you, for they are the reason you keep on living.

Walk for no reason, think, contemplate, dream, wish. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, slip up or fall over for these are the traits that make us human. These are the qualities that make us grow.

Be with the people who make you smile and laugh. Take from them the qualities you wish to own and give to them all that you have, all that they want.

The true measure of wealth is the memories which reside inside a friendship, a kinship. Those moments can never be lost, gambled or stolen for they are etched in time. An endless time of roads walked, stories told and laughter shared.

Be to others, what you wish them to be to you. Life is a journey, one which in the vast essence of time, is short. It's over in a blink of an eye and who knows when the heavens may blink?

Make your mark on this world. Leave a symbol of love and kindness that can never be erased from the minds and memories of the people who were lucky enough to be beside you as you walked your journey.

Xx love ❤️

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