High in the Himalayas I met a lady who was surroun…

High in the Himalayas I met a lady who was surrounded by 16 goats. She held a scythe in her hand and was collecting grass to feed them at home.

As she cut the grass she sang a sweet song and smiled the most beautiful smile in the world.

She didn’t have much, a small mud house above the clouds, a fire to cook her food and a patch of land to grow her vegetables. But that night she put me up in her house, she fed me, she gave me a bed and we sang together,

The next day as I left I regretted having to leave her, such a beautiful soul. Happy with what some people may say ‘nothing.’

To me it was quite the opposite. She had everything. Freedom, time, clean air, shelter, food, laughter and a smile that could melt snow. But most of all she’d found the true key to happiness.

We get true happiness from giving. Not from receiving. The world has become obsessed with material objects bringing us happiness. But it’s the emotional satisfaction we get from giving back that we need to promote to our students.

If there’s one thing you teach your class this week, it’s that nouns don’t bring you happiness, but verbs surely do! You can’t buy life, you’ve got to live it.

Make it happen people! ❤️

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