The secret to unlocking the potential of the child…

The secret to unlocking the potential of the child is to provide them with a key. A key to unlock the door. Behind that door lies ideas, inspiration, creativity, connections. But most importantly IMAGINATION.

If we do not give our children the chance to imagine then what will come of our future. Too many teachers give prescribed lessons where the outcome is already defined.

I’m going to tell you a story and I want you to go away and write one of your own with the same structure!!!’ NO NO NO.

What if they hate stories? What if they have a different idea of a structure? What if they want to write it as s comic, or a play, a song, a dance, a model. What if they want to write it backwards?

Standardised testing, a rigid curriculum and teachers with no time to create and no space to move are stifling our children’s imagination.

Do you think the Eiffel Tower was created in the formation of the earth 5 billion years ago? Or the opera house? The Taj Mahal?

No they weren’t. Somebody somewhere imagined them and made them come to life. This thing we call imagination is the most powerful tool in your classroom cupboard. Make sure you take it out and never put it back!

‘For without the imagination we have no future.’


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