To establish the perfect classroom you MUST offer …

To establish the perfect classroom you MUST offer an environment where children can work the 3 different ways. Here are those three!!

Parallel work – this is where two children are working independently side by side on different tasks, pausing to communicate on occasions to spur each other on check in on one another but still working.

Collaborative work – several children have decided to work together on the same task and are all doing the same or similar work. All three children are writing the same story and checking in along the way to make sure they’re all on track.

Co-operative work – this is where a group of children come together to work on one big task. They decide on their defined roles in a democratic way and then work to a time frame to come together with their part of the jigsaw to create a big project.

It is this final type of work that is the most important and establishes a child of the world. One who knows their place in the world and can work as a team to create big ideas.

You can’t change the world alone: add these aspects to your classroom and see the difference it makes.

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