The biggest failure we make as adults is the misun…

The biggest failure we make as adults is the misunderstanding that our children are not capable to think, act, and look after themselves. Children are more than capable of doing so many of the things that we end up doing for them.

And when we step in and carry out an act for a child we remove the opportunity for them to fail. And from great failure comes true success!

Here are 25 things children as young as young as 3 can do for themselves!

Carry their own backpack
Make their own lunch
Wash up
Make their own bed
Pack their bag for school
Walk unassisted
Write a letter or number
Collect something like rocks
Make friends
Enter the classroom
Be patient
Care for animals
Care for plants
Tidy their bedroom
Fold their clothes
Feed the cat
Comb the dog
Wash their hair
Brush their teeth
Cut an apple (with a knife)
Go shopping
Load the laundry
Load the dishwasher
Spot people feeling sad
Take out the garbage
Sort the recycling
Post the mail
Buy something from a shop
Sweep the floor
Mop the floor
Drink from a glass
Peel an egg
Boil an egg
Dust the house
Vacuum the carpet
Make up a game
Imagine a story
Design a cardboard robot
Build a secret den
Keep a secret


Work independently at school!!!


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