Over the past few months we have been searching fo…

Over the past few months we have been searching for a project in the Himalayas that will help to change the face of education in the nation.

I received a message from this very small community on the Indian border who desperately require a school.

The Mushar community are treated unfairly and looked upon by many as one of the lower classes of people.

It’s a valuable lesson for us and for the children we teach. A human being is a human being. Regardless of their history, their education or their wealth. When you look into the eyes of a child you see the soul within. Each of us has a responsibility to help those less fortunate.

It will only come if we start to make s change now. Talk to the silent, listen to the unheard, sit by the lonely, help the needy.

For we are all equal. We are born and die the same way. And on the day when your health weakens and your spirit sags you will realise how vulnerable you are and how these people feel.

If you want to help me help these people you can click here https://lnkd.in/gyAcccg


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