Wonderful to invite up to our wonderful school to…

Wonderful to invite up to our wonderful school today.

3 months ago I asked our children to write letters to persuade people to visit our school. I explained that the assessment task would be graded in one way only. Not by scores, not by rankings but the success criteria of their letters would be if the person they were inviting actually turned up. And today he did!

We talked about the Montessori methodology and the classroom setup, James was very impressed and after a question and answer session with the children we all walked away with a greater respect for our political leaders.

Our children need to feel that their voices are being heard, what they say matters, what they write will be read and what they feel will be taken into account.

Just knowing that our politicians are reading the letters of our students and acting upon them is so empowering that it’s immeasurable to any aspiring leader.

I asked the children who they’d like to invite next and you’re next!!!


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