Teaching is not a job, it is not a task, nor is it…

Teaching is not a job, it is not a task, nor is it something that is tedious or troubling. It is, and will always be one of the greatest professions on Earth. When my mum told me to become a teacher she said. "Gavin you can change the world if you teach from your heart." and she was right.

When a teacher enters the classroom it becomes their theatre, their stage. The carpet is their forum from which they can inspire and nurture. The children are the audience and this is going to be a hands-on-deck kind of performance. Each child has their role to play in the song an dance that we call school.

The rewards are in abundance for all involved. For the students, it is the chance to expand their knowledge of the world and its people. To be able to understand the lives of others and the hardships they face. To think critically and harness the power of their imagination to solve today's problems. 

For the teacher the rewards are simple. The look in a child's eye when they trust you, the smile they give you when they arrive and they know that you're waiting at the door for them no matter what is going on at home, the moment a child asks for your help or the time when they accidentally call you dad or mum. (that's the best)

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