I explained to my class of 8 year olds that I woul…

I explained to my class of 8 year olds that I would be going back to Nepal shortly to build another school. I told them about the mountains and the crazy flights, rhinos and asked them to think of ways they might like to contribute.

We talked about how we can provide short term and long term solutions to fix problems. “If a man has no food to eat and we give him a fish, his hunger will be cured for a day, but if we give him a fishing rod, his hunger will be cured for a lifetime!”

Two children went to work on making something for me to take with me in the school.

A few hours later they revealed their secret creation. Alphabet flash cards to allow the children to learn the English alphabet. They laminated them so they would last for many years. I will take them to Nepal and I will come home with a photograph of some children using them.

As teachers and parents we must empower our children to understand that each and every action they take has a consequence both short and long term. If we allow them to believe that what they are doing will have a positive affect in the world then they will take this forward into their adult life.

Pop this quote on your white board. “There is no better feeling than helping someone who can never repay you. “


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