Success is only the tip of the iceberg. When you s…

Success is only the tip of the iceberg. When you see the athlete winning gold, when the businessman makes a million, when the mother takes a selfie with her newly born baby or when a child stands in front of the class and reads his own story for the first time. ITS SUCCESS.

But it does not come easy. Success can come in so many ways but whatever we deem success to be, its doesn’t come without the pain.

Hidden in the past and beneath the surface are hours of heartache, sleepless nights, rejection, time, sacrifice and determination.

In a world where we demand instant gratification. We must teach our children that good things take time. The greatest heroes of our age didn’t change the world over night. It was hard.

“The story you’re writing may become ripped, you may hate the ending, you might mess up your handwriting, somebody may say it’s boring, but whatever you do. Don’t you go giving up.

You’ll finish that story and when you stand at the front of the class and read it. Then you can stand proud! Proud that you finished, proud you achieved your goal and proud that you didn’t let negativity win.”

Determination and self belief are the most valuable tools we can give our students today!

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