Today I stand proud with my muslims brothers from …

Today I stand proud with my muslims brothers from the UMA (United Muslim’s Australia) as they promote the word of equality.

Religions have been around as long as people. Yes we all have different beliefs, we have think and look differently. But as teachers, parents and Hunan beings we need to look beyond the message that the news portrays.

We need to experience it first hand before we judge. “Never judge somebody on somebody else’s opinion, make your own opinion based on your experiences.”

We are all human, the world belongs to all of us, your problem is my problem. Syria isn’t on another planet, Somalia is not a story from history. Palestine is not fictional. They are happening now!!

Global issues that we see today belong to all of us. Just as they are all our fault, they can also be solved by us.

Everyone has the power to make a difference, no matter how small, even if it is just speaking out. Our children are the next generation, let’s empower them to make positive change.

A man/woman is not defined be their clothing, social status, colour of his skin, race or wealth. We are defined be our actions.

Make your actions count.

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