After gathering a following here on LinkedIn I’ve …

After gathering a following here on LinkedIn I’ve decided to take the influence to the next step. A step that will allow educators all around the world to have access to the tools they need to teach. is a network designed for teachers. It allows teachers from all over the world to have access to resources, courses and a global network of educational innovators. My aim is to empower and arm teachers with the tools to be able to deliver dynamic lessons that equip their students for the 21st century.

I understand that each and every one of you teaches in your own unique way. I want to the be able to share your techniques, your experience and resources to enable others to replicate and innovate in the classroom. I want to celebrate your success.

The only constant in education is change and we are building a global movement to make that change. A change for the better. If you consider yourself or a teacher then please get in touch and we will add you to our network of thousands of teachers across the globe.

As individuals we can influence the future of our local community, but as a collective, we can assist each other to make a difference on a global scale.

Join the education Influence today.


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