Teachers all over the world! This is the greatest …

Teachers all over the world! This is the greatest idea you’ll ever hear. It’s uses 1 simple map of the world, research tools and children who want to learn.

It’s called around the world!

Here’s how it works;

First put a huge map of the world on the wall,

Give each child a different coloured pin to place on the map and ask them to choose a country they’ve never heard of, to start their journey.

Once they have chosen hand each of them a booklet and ask them to design the front cover with a picture and the words “My journey around the world.”

The children start their journey by researching the country where their pin sits.

They can research topics such as.
Capital city
Political history
Famous people
Daily life

This research is placed in their booklet as a mini project and can be presented to the class during group time.

The idea is that each month the child attaches some string to their pin and joins it to another pin and the research continues.

Each child visits 12 countries in one year and it requires no intervention from the teacher. At some point children may meet in a country a produce a joint project

Share this idea far and wide!!


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