Reputation is everything, integrity is everything …

Reputation is everything, integrity is everything else, trust is earned, passion is from your heart, love is inherited from your family and your ability is endless.

When you’ve spent so much time in the mountains that the locals give you a nickname, you know you’re doing what’s important to you and them.

As educators it’s important that we allow our students the room, the ability and provide the guidance to be able to find their own path.

We need to give them the opportunity to give back to society, for only then will they discover that they can make a difference, no matter how small, the rewards for their efforts will be the feeling that somebody, somewhere is benefiting from their passion, love and care.

Our children don’t strive for grades, they don’t strive for percentages or rankings. The desire an emotional and physical attachment to their efforts. Give them the chance to see their efforts at work in the community in which we live. EARTH

if we embrace a global responsibility in our classrooms then we can change the world, one child at a time!!!


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