Today in class we learned about the functions of t…

Today in class we learned about the functions of the leaf. It was an enlightening session involving discussions around photosynthesis, atoms, plants, sustainability, the environment and human impact.

The future of this planet depends on the children in our classes right now. We need to give them the confidence to feel that they can reverse the damage we have done.

Heres ten ways children can save the world today!!’

1. Write to your local politician about concerns you have with the local area.

2. Ask children to take shorter showers, turn of the tap whilst brushing teeth and avoid using chemicals whilst washing up.

3. Walk to school.

4. Never buy anything that is made or uses plastic.

5. Use both sides of the paper and then make a paper aeroplane out of it.

6. Do a weekly litter picking walk around your town.

7. Teach younger children about what the environment is.

8. Explain the impacts of pollution of our planet. By 2050 there will be no fish in the ocean.

9. Eat less meat.

10. Turn off the lights when not in use.

11. Never ever waste food.

12. Make posters to put around town explaining the impact of our actions.

13. Write to your newspaper.

14. Think globally. How can we help those people in that country?

Try it? ❤️

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