If we want our children to move forward in a world…

If we want our children to move forward in a world where technology is advancing so quickly that even our developers can’t keep up, we will need to allow our children to grasp the foundations of what actually constitutes intelligence.

Intelligence is not knowing facts, it’s not being able to solve complex equations or problems.

It’s the ability to be able to use the resources available to understand concepts and think critically.

As our children grow up they will not always have access to technology and advanced systems that will solve problems for them. They will need the intellectual intelligence to be able to solve complicated problems themselves.

When we go shopping, do we carry a calculator around the supermarket adding up the total? No we round prices up and down making predictions in the total price before we move towards the register.

Tech has its place in our world there’s no denying it, but we cannot and should not forget that children need to feel, smell, see and experience education to establish strong pathways to critical thinking.

Make education and emotional journey and see the fruits of your labour blossom. ❤️

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