Let Nature Teach us the Most Difficult Lessons.

Nature can teach our children the most valuable lessons in life. Sometimes nature models the behaviour we wish to see in our children better than we ever could.

Our job as educators is to bring nature into our classrooms. Bring the experience and magic of natural life into the eyes of our children, and watch as they learn from those who have lived on this earth for not thousands of years, but millions.

If you’d like your children to understand the power of persistence, determination, dedication, responsibility and empathy then simply watch this video with them and ask them this simple question?

1. What can we learn from this eagle and how can we, in times of despair be “more like an eagle?”


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  1. Tasneem
    9 months ago

    A very nice video. To value life, exposure to nature is really important, as these days gadgets has taken over their interest to mingle with environment.

  2. Cheryl Gajda
    9 months ago

    I couldn’t AGREE more!

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