Allow Children to Find Their Place in the World.

Teaching a child how to care for a caterpillar, is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.

You see, children need to feel connected. They need to know that they are part of a chain of events that they have a responsibility for.

The caterpillar is crucial to the boys survival and equally as important. Without the caterpillar doing his vital work around the garden, the boy would struggle to survive.

This sense of being is very important as children grow to understand their place in this world, and developing responsibility starts with taking care of the smallest of beings.

Such as:

• Recycling your garbage.

• Catching that spider and releasing it, not squashing it.

• Hugging trees, not hacking at them.

• Growing plants, not just eating them.

• Respecting animals

• Taking care of the elderly and young.

• Keeping themselves clean.

These lessons have huge impacts on who your child will become. They understand their place, their responsibility but more than anything…….

They understand their power. The power to make the right choices, the power to right the wrongs and the power to make themselves feel good through being a good person.

“Once we know how good it feels to do the right thing, there’s no looking back.”

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  1. Tasneem
    1 year ago

    These skills are very important. We as adult, whether teacher or parent, can teach children the importance of doing good and right in their life.

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