Use the Senses as Your Educational Toolkit.

Igniting the senses should be our first priority in any lesson. No amount of technology, artificial intelligence, textbooks, worksheets or programming can ever replace our emotions or our bodies responses to learning.

By cleverly planning you lessons, and allowing our children to stimulate their senses, makes learning not only fun but it enhances retention.

If as adults we think of our fondest memories, or our darkest days they are almost always linked to a feeling.

Our number one goal is to allow our students to reach their full potential, and to make sure that during some point in each lesson, our students get to feel something, touch something, hear something, smell something, see something or taste something.

These anchors not only make learning fun but they act as points in the child’s brain that allow knowledge retention. Like signposts in their learning journey.

“When we use senses in our learning scheme, we not only engage our students through true investigation, but we use the body as the ultimate learning toolkit.”

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