It’s the small things that matter in a classroom. …

It’s the small things that matter in a classroom. The routine, the rules, the equality. From the outside it may seem a bit hap-hazard in a classroom, but it’s all finely tuned, well oiled and runs like clockwork.

As teachers, we are all aware that the slightest disruption to any classroom can cause mayhem. For example the classroom is all working away independently and suddenly a bee 🐝 flies in the window. Sudden pandemonium.

This is equally as important for parents to understand. The slightest thing can throw your child off their equilibrium.

Let’s take “Getting to school in time”

You may think that it’s not too serious if we arrive at school 5 minutes late. Well you’d be wrong.

As your child enters the room, classes have already begun, children have already found their seats, they’ve caught up on the events of the evening, made plans for the day ahead and are full steam ahead into the day.

How does the late child feel? Isolated, out of the loop, they have unwanted attention on them for all the wrong reasons and suddenly have to make rash choices they they didn’t have time to converse with their peers about.

A little thing like this can throw out a child’s day or week and can be detrimental to not only their learning but they happiness


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  1. Subhashini
    2 years ago

    True that. Its difficult to make the parents follow the school schedule. Posts shared like this would help them understand better.

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