We sat under the tree. And we talked about friends…

We sat under the tree. And we talked about friendship. The ladies watched on as we talked and talked and talked.

I explained what a real friend is like, how they make you feel and what we can do to make sure we don’t lose our friendships.

Monday is international friendship day and I want to take today’s post to talk about what we should be teaching our children about friends.

There are many different kinds of friends, those you see often or rarely. Those who are there to help and those who care about you but don’t have the time. Our friends all mean different things to us, as we do to them and it’s important to know this.

Here are several ways to make sure our children are being the best friend possible.

1. Always stick to your words. If you promise something, deliver it, turn up, be there. “I’ll be on the playground at lunch time.”

2. Be honest. If your friend asks for your opinion, give it honestly. “That colour is ok but red really looks better.”

3. Be optimistic, if your friend has an idea try to help make it a reality. “Oh you want to build a model, I’ll help you.”

4. Boost their confidence. Say one nice thing about to friend each day. “I love sitting with you”

These simple things can improve your peer network in the classroom.


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