A few weeks ago I gave away a teaching resource ab…

A few weeks ago I gave away a teaching resource about phonemes and letter blends. It was a simple photocopied booklet that allowed children to learn to read.

Today I received this picture from the wonderful who has used the paper to create letter blend books for her students.

You know they say that everyone can make a difference in this world? Well, with technology and the way we can easily communicate, it’s easier than ever.

To know that this young man in rural Nepal can now read these words is testament that kindness is like throwing a pebble into a pond. It will make a splash but the ripples will keep flowing outwards.

There are so many in this world who need a little help, if you reach out and give it we are not only helping them but everyone around them and most of all ourselves. You see it’s not easy to get the feeling of comfort that your making a difference, but when you find out how. It’s amazing.

Let’s move and shake and get the train of kindness out of the station and into the mountains.

Have a truly wonderful day everyone!

Ps. look at his smile! ❤️

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