It’s important to allow the Students to find their niche.

Because our students are unique individuals that have varied interests. It’s important to allow them to ‘find their niche.’

Once your inspirational lesson on the human heart is over. We need to give the children a variety of ways they can represent their research, including:

1. Write a report about the functions of the heart

2. Build a model of a heart.

3. Make a comic strip about a heart that runs a company called the human body.

4. Write a play about the journey of s blood cell.

5. Create a speech about healthy living.

6. Draw a diagram of the heart.

7. Paint a picture of the inside of a heart.

8. Hold a survey about what the class think is the causes of heart disease.

9. Design a diorama about human health.

10. Interview someone about how they protect their heart.

11. Take a tally a produce a graph about class heart rates.

12. Make a poster about healthy heart foods and lifestyles.

13. Produce a list of unknown facts about the heart.

14. Write a persuasive text on why we should look after our heart.

15. Dissect a lambs heart and look inside.

15. Do nothing. Not all lessons need to be followed up by work. A conversation will do.

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