What’s the best way to start everyday in the classroom?

What’s the best way to start everyday in the classroom?

If you’re trying to instil organisation, time management, independence, emotional intelligence and self reflection then the personal diary for your students is the key to classroom success.

The teacher prepares by listing the lessons that will take place during the day linked to clear “Learning Objectives”

As the children arrive they have the first ten minutes to fill in their plan for the morning. This allows them to prepare for the tasks ahead. Noting times lesson goals and peers.

As the morning ends, the teacher asks the children to evaluate lessons in red using a few simple words and make “1 clear objective” for the afternoon. “What will I achieve this afternoon?”

At the end of the day the children are encouraged to reflect on how the day went? Any feeling they had etc.

The teacher gathers the diaries at the end of the day, making any notes in the students files around red flags towards achievements or feelings the students may be experiencing.

The diaries allow our students to feel a sense of independence, they can be sent home each month for parents to see and allow students to communicate with their teacher in a non-verbal way.

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