The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

Gavin Mccormack

The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

The only constant in education is change, and that change is you!

Ability of children in Math, English etc


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For hundreds of years we have tested children on their abilities in maths, english etc.

But the absolute reality is that all children are different, they learn differently and until we understand this, we will never allow them all to reach their potential.

The role of the teacher is to allow the child to independently work on their their strongpoints whilst slowly navigating the curriculum to include the other core subjects.

Each child is on their own trajectory. Unique in so many ways, to test them all using one exam is absolutely impossible.

Therefore how can we compare our children against each other when they are so very different? I mean is it fair to compare an eagle to a duck? They’re both birds.

We cannot compare them but we can talk about what they are great at doing. One is a great hunter, the other a wonderful swimmer. Therefore a bird exam on hunting would see the duck thrown into an additional needs class!

Let’s focus on what our children ‘can do’ and put our energy into this. We can link the rest of the curriculum later. Let’s focus on their competences. ‘Skills for life.’

Let’s build their confidence in something they’re good at and then we can take in the world.

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