Is your school underperforming? Are your students …

Is your school underperforming? Are your students finding it hard to make progress? Are you a teacher who’s losing their inspiration?

With simple changes to curriculums delivery, classroom setup and assessment. These problems can soon disappear.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Arrange your class into groups of tables, rather than all the children facing the front. Deliver small lessons to small groups and allow the others the responsibility to work on their own projects without you.

2. Allow the class to have a copy of your curriculum so they know what is coming up and can do some preliminary research around subjects before you teach them.

3. Allow your students to have a diary where they can plan and prepare their day. They can organise their own time without you.

4. Give each child a visual progress document where they can record how much time they have spent on each curriculum subject.

5. Bring learning into the room. Have a library area, research area, computer and resources to allow students to research while you are teaching others

6. Give time for “I love work!” Which is a time when children can simply work on something they love. writing, drawing, reading etc.

7. Let the children represent their findings in their own way.

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