Perspective is everything to our students. If we c…

Perspective is everything to our students. If we cannot allow them to understand the perspective of a situation, as their mentor, their guide, their bridge between the knowledge and themselves, then we are failing them.

Some concepts are too big for the mind the grasp, and it is our duty to allow the students to visualise the size of the situation.

1. A million compared to a billion – if each dollar in a million was represented by 1 second it would take 11 days for a million to elapse, but if we used the same ratio on a billion it would take 33 years. (Perspective)

2. A comet flashing through the night sky may look small but attached is a picture of a comet compared to the city of Los Angeles. Imagine that thing landing on your house. (Perspective)

3. The letter that a child of 8 writes to the local politician, which in turn makes him realise the impact his legislation is having on the local community. Forcing him to rethink and change the direction of the entire state governments decisions, therefore changing the course of history. (Perspective)

If we allows our children to see the difference they can make to the world from a very young age then there is no need to teach Perspective.

They will already understand how powerful they are!


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