Telling a story to a group of children is one of t…

Telling a story to a group of children is one of the greatest abilities of s teacher. Teaching any subject is about taking the child on a journey. Painting the picture so vividly that the children can almost feel the emotion.

Do not underestimate the power of a good story for everything in life is a story. Tell it with passion, raise your voice, stand up, shout, whisper and get excited because it is the children who will judge your story.

You will know instantly how good your story was by how many parents come to ask you about it.

A good story lives on, it is told at home, around the dinner table and in the car.

Judge your teaching the same way that children judge your story. If your lessons are not being talked about at home, in the car or around the dinner table then you’re not teaching from your heart.

Your class are your biggest critics and your biggest fans. Win them over with your passion to teach and you’ll never ever have a parent knocking at your door saying you’re doing a bad job!

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