In my life I’ve met a lot of people, most I have f…

In my life I’ve met a lot of people, most I have forgotten, some are good friends but some creep into that category of the unknown. They’re somewhere between family and Friend.

From the moment I met I knew we were going to get on well. He was my boss, the principal of the school I worked at. I’d dreamed of being a principal. So unbeknown to him, I’d watch him carefully, listen to how he delivered a staff meeting or how he’d deal with a difficult situation. All the time I’d be taking mental notes.

When a job cane up as a principal in another school, I wanted to apply. Did he discourage me? No! He told me to go for it.

We can take many things from our mentors but the thing that I learned from was that as a leader you should have faith that your teachers can teach. Don’t question their talents, they are professionals. Encourage them to grow, give them the wings to fly and be there as a friend if they need you.

I was lucky enough to have visit me at school today. It was a Pleasure to show him around my wonderful school.

If you’d like to find out more about them click here

We all have mentors, I’m very lucky that I can also call mine a friend.


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