“If a flower doesn’t not bloom in the environment …

“If a flower doesn’t not bloom in the environment in which it’s planted, you change the environment, not the flower”

Similarly, if a child isn’t learning in your classroom, you change your style of teaching not the child.

A child can never be blamed for not learning, not paying attention or being disengaged. It’s going to hurt to say this but it’s the schools fault for not meeting the needs of the diverse range of learners in their room.

Differentiation is the key here. Spend time to develop a classroom and a curriculum that allows all your students to learn and become engaged in the journey.

Here are ten red flags that will inform you that you need to revise the way you are teaching. If you are;

1. Shouting.
2. Sending children outside.
3. Giving detentions.
4. Not looking forward to school.
5. Bores of your own teaching.
6. Using worksheets everyday
7. Publicly humiliating children.
8. Working in isolation
9. Going into lessons unprepared.
10. Writing home negative emails to parents.

Design an environment that suits your children and your style of teaching and once again you will enjoy the most noble and rewarding profession of all.


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