How Birdsong can Change Your Classroom Forever!

Do you have a noisy classroom, anxious children or a class that finds it hard to focus? Have you tried birdsong?

When birds are quiet, it means there’s usually danger around? A crow, a natural disaster, tsunami or a dinosaur approaching. They’ve either flown away or they’re trying to keep a low profile.

Deep in our DNA from thousands of years ago, lies the secret to why birdsong can ease stress, anxiety and cause deeper concentration and spark cognitive function.

When we expose bird song into our classrooms, it signals to our children there’s no danger pending, no tsunami, no dinosaur, no bullies, mean head teacher or pressure from exams and results.

Our children inherently relax, feel a sense of calm and because birdsong is usually tied with ‘the dawn chorus’, which wakes us each day, it spikes cognitive function and helps our children not only to feel safe, but also to focus.

Try some background birdsong in your classroom this Monday.

I’ve found 8 hours of birdsong for you to use right here.

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