Each Child Is Unique for a Reason!

Like us, children can only be who they are. We must avoid trying to mould them into perfect specimens, they’re already perfect. They’ll make mistakes, mess things up sometimes, but if we work on these as a community, they’ll be the lessons that guide us all to success.

Each of our children like a cloud in an endless sky. Each cloud is unique and different but together they all make the sky.

Did you ever see a misshaped cloud or a wave not doing its job? Exactly. Our purpose to guide children carefully on their own journey. Like the wave reaching the shore or the cloud reaching the hills.

There’s no gold at the end of the rainbow, because rainbows aren’t real. But there is care, love empathy and understanding and these are the real gold at the end of all of our rainbows. Let’s shower our friends in this gold.

Love your friends hard and love your family harder. Squeeze them, kiss them, hold their hand. Drink tea, eat a biscuit and tell people how you feel.

There’s no better feeling than the feeling of helping somebody else or forgiving someone for a mistake they’ve made.

If you need any help from me. I’m a bit busy at the moment. Sorry xx

Just joking. I’m here xxx ❤️❤️

Have a great Saturday. Go on!!!

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