Why is independence so important in our children?

As an educator I see the challenges that we all face when addressing the issues with 21st century education.

Questions such as:

  1. How can I personalise the curriculum to meet the individual needs of my students?
  2. How can I free up time to be able to observe my children during the day?
  3. How can I prepare my students for a future we are yet to understand?
  4. How can I allow my students to build their resilience and confidence?

These questions can all be answered by focussing our attention to the skill of independence.

When we establish a curriculum, a classroom and a home environment around independence in children, we start to see that other essential skills flourish very quickly.

Confidence, time management, resilience and communication start almost immediately. And yes it’s great to feel like we are helping children as them embark on their learning journey, but it’s time to look at ourselves as ‘guides’ rather than ‘teachers.’

Nothing new ever came from playing it safe! We must allow our children to try, fail and fall.

In anticipation and with jubilation, I wait for children to say “I can do it myself.’ Because, as an educator, that is the ultimate measure of success. ❤️

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  1. James Dooney
    5 months ago

    You make some good points here, and not just for kids. Adults are the same. If we do all the work for them, they don’t really gain much. If we let them do things, discover things, and trip up occasionally – they might just learn a bit more for themselves.

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