Calling all teachers and parents. The big question…

Calling all teachers and parents. The big question of today is….. “Are our children happy?”

Happy children learn! No matter how dynamic your lessons are, no matter how much tech you use, or introduce STEM , they will not learn if they are unhappy.

Here are 8 ways to raise happier children!

1. When they talk to you, listen to them. Be an active listener. We expect them to listen to us, so listen to them.

2. Let them express their feelings. “Stop crying!” Is something we should never say. Allow them to have feelings and validate them.

3. Always focus your attention on complimenting them on their strengths. Take the focus away from the negative. Instead of “dong do that!” Try “please do this!”

4. 20 minutes per day of screen time! It’s keeps them quiet but stifles their creativity.

5. Point out other people’s feelings and teach them how to respond to them. Emotional intelligence is crucial.

6. Encourage their friendships with other wonderful children.

7. Don’t fill up their evenings with activities. Allow them to get bored and get creative. From great boredom cones great creativity.

8. Eat dinner as s family with the television off. Talk about the day and any issues that arose.

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