The role of a parent is one which involves trial a…

The role of a parent is one which involves trial and error. There’s no training, no guidebook or parenting for dummies. You make it up as you go along. Each child, each family and circumstance is different and it’s not easy.

Here are some tips to help your child transition into school a lot easier;

Allow your child to pack and carry their bag to school.

Take time to observe your child in free play, and make note of the characteristics he is displaying

Make sure you spend time with your child before putting them to bed.

Make sure that your child goes to bed a suitable time.

Make sure that going to bed and getting up are a nice calming process.

Model the behaviour you want from your child.

Set goals and projects in the future to look forward to.

Build something together.

Make sure there’s a special shelf in the house for the child’s books.

Walk at a child’s pace.

Use the time in the car to chat, play games and talk about life.

Never use physical punishment as a consequence.

Avoid screen time entertainment by having tactile material sto use around the house.

Make regular trips to the public library, know the librarians, the shelves and enjoy the library together.

Talk about feelings and what they mean.

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