As a teacher I have many ideas of how my classroom…

As a teacher I have many ideas of how my classroom should look, how it should run and what I want to see from my students.

Your role as the teacher is to inspire and set the example. Be calm, talk quietly, work hard, be honest, be fair and when they read, so do you!

Reading will literally transform the way your class runs overnight and here how it works.

Reading books has a significant impact on the brain, your psychology, your creativity and your attention span. Here’s how;

1. Reading allows your students to enter an unknown world that only they can imagine. Like music a book will inspire thoughts that are unique to their brain alone.

2. Reading brings a deep calmness over the body, the sense of reading is almost meditative and will insight a level of concentration like no other.

3. Reading allows our students to tell stories mentally, paint pictures in their mind that will later inspire their own writing and creativity.

4. The inferential understanding of texts allows our students to make judgements of situations and people in real life thanks to the clues and lessons left in books.

The list goes on.

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