Are you finding behavioural issues in your class t…

Are you finding behavioural issues in your class troublesome? Issues such as children not listening, not sitting still, not working hard enough, producing messy rushed work, and talking are common issues in classrooms.

My point is that are they actually problems? And it is not the child’s fault I’m afraid it yours. Here’s why;

Firstly all of the issues listed above can be dissolved by simply understanding that not all children can learn, sitting at desks facing the front and writing. If that’s your classroom, then you’re missing the point.

Children need to be allowed to talk, to move, to work on the floor, in a group or pair. They need short sharp lessons that never last more than 20 minutes. Lessons that inspire, not dictate. Allowing them to discover, to explore.

Once you understand that the set up your classroom and the way you are teaching your class that’s causing the problem, then it’s very easy to fix.

Let them sit where they want, work with whom they like, represent their findings in a way that they enjoy and your behavioural problems vanish,building a good work ethic.

Your class’ attitude to learning is an assessment of your teaching technique. If they’re not happy, change something.

“The only constant in education is change.”

Enjoy ❤️

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